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This page is dedicated to the men who served in the 221st from its activation on 23 March 1965 to its deactivation 10 October 1971. The unit flew the L-19 or O-1 Bird Dog.

I apologize for any errors or omissions as the records keeping for this period of time were incomplete in many instances. Many hours of research have gone into this project. The information is public knowledge, so feel free to share it, however I ask you respect my effort. Full credit is given to the authors of all documents and pictures.





Please join and support the International Bird Dog Association (IBDA).
The membership is only $30 annually. 
They preserve and perpetuate the Bird Dog. This is the airplane that we all know and love. 
Click here to go to the IBDA website.


Installation Celebration

The Birddog Memorial Monument

Veterans Memorial Park

11:00—12:00 Hours

March 7, 2014

Fort Rucker, Alabama

If you plan to attend please let Hank Collins know at  birddog2015@hankcollins.us


Shotgun Blasts



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Welcome to the new 221st Web site. As you may know a malware crippled our old website. I did not want too, but this has forced me to create a members only site.

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